December is the right time for people to use up their saved leaves or free time from office, college or schools and go on a vacation with your friends and family. December is an exciting month where there are plenty of offers available in clothing, accessories and even vacations. as it also the end of a fruitful year, the year is also celebrated with greater joy during December.

If you have planned to take a few days off for a holiday but are unable to decide which place you would like to go, don’t worry as your confusion would be sorted by choosing the city Pune. Why because it is the right blend of serenity and venture. On one side there is lush green beauty, and on the other side, Pune is known for its wild lifestyle as well. Events in Pune during December are also being organized in full swing. Here are a few options that will make you want to go to Pune for your holiday.

  1. Theme parks.

  1. Exciting offers

Lots of discounts are available in theme parks such as Adlabs Imagica theme park which offers like “Happy Tuesdays” and “Wata wednesdays” where there are many deals such as 10% off on 5 regular bookings, 15% off on tickets as per terms and conditions, Four visits to Imagica at 2500/- only.  Imagica is one of the biggest park of Pune and is also one of the very first family destination founded in India.

  1. Festivities are celebrated.

Why theme parks of Pune are a very good option to spend your vacation during December is  because they capture the spirit of many occasions such as Christmas, new year, etc. Many activities and additional games will be set up during this time along with unlimited food and beverage for both family and friends.

  1. New year celebrations.

Another reason why December is the perfect time for holidaying is as there will be numerous events lined up for celebrating new years in many locations around Pune. There are parties, camps and other activities in Pune, Lonavla and other areas that make you want to spend new year’s even in a jovial and exciting manner. New year camps in destinations around Pune are also making the rounds and is catching up as a trend everywhere else.

  1. Camps

There are many camping activities in Pune during December as the weather is very suitable for camping, barbeque, bonfire, night trekking, etc. Treks in places such as Sanshan valley, Torna fort, treks by Chith unplugged are upcoming treks in Pune about which you can look up online. There are other activities that these camps offer which help you in skills such as team building, assertiveness, soft skills, etc, especially if you come in a corporate group set up.

Hence, these are a few options why Pune makes for the right choice to go visit during December to enjoy the ambiance, greenery, nightlife and the weather. Pack your bags, book your tickets and be ready to have the best time of your life.


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