The most common place to reconstruct or rebuild in a house is the bathroom. It is because bathroom experiences the most wear and tear due to high usage. During reconstruction or a construction of a new house, homeowners pay special attention to the bathrooms. The layout and construction of the bathroom are paid more attention in terms of aesthetics and functionality keeping in mind the budget.

Bathroom Renovations

Remodeling a bathroom can be a headache, especially for the ones who have never done it before. This is because one does not know what to add or to reduce from the existing structure and how can it be modified to make it user-friendly and ease out day-to-day activities. To take the burden off your shoulders, the following tips and tricks might help you regarding bathroom renovations:

    Avoid any kind of unnecessary changes in the pre-existing sanitaryware layout of your bathroom. As bathroom renovations are unnecessarily expensive because of careless alterations in the plumbing systems which not only increase the budget but also the possibility of failures of the plumbing system. Besides, it will unnecessarily increasethe plumbing cost. However, this does not mean that you will not fix the existing plumbing issues while renovating your bathroom. Consult a plumber and electrician regarding your designs and layouts for a bathroom renovation and accordingly decide.

    The color scheme of the bathroom should be close to the color palette ranging from white to cream so that the small looking bathroom can look visually appealing. You might find various patterns textures and tiles in the same or related color scheme to make the walls look even more attractive.

    Many people renovate their bathrooms with the aim of replacing the sanitaryware with that of the new ones which are now even technologically upgraded and are user-friendly. It is advised to choose the equipment before selecting the plastering and tiles of your bathroom so that the plumbing system can be correctly positioned according to the layout of your sanitaryware. The major essentials to look before checking for the list are Bathtub, sink, taps and toilet, shower and other essentials like bathroom furniture such as cabinets and shelves.

    Your bathroom needs to have more lights so that one can inspect their hair and face to do hair and makeup. For this, fixing light in one spot is not the only option, lights should be placed at regular intervals on the ceilings, around the bathroom mirror to provide adequate light in the bathroom. Without improper lighting, one might face various problems while sanitizing and cleaning themselves in the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovations

    Since bathroom renovationscan be expensive, it is advised to keep the design and layout simple, effective, and functional. Bathrooms are generally wet, so avoid steps to minimize the risk of accidents. Unnecessary decorations moldings and ornaments in the bathroom will make the user uncomfortable. Therefore, keep the interior of the bathroom clean, sleek, and simple. Do not overdo it.

    Just in case you have more visitors and children running around the house, you might want to consider waterproofing the space in order to avoid the risk of leaks, damages, and accidents. By waterproofing the surface, bathroom walls, and shower enclosures, you can make the area 100% waterproof. They act as a great insulation too.

    There are various smarthometech appliances available for bathrooms such as geyser, dryer,etc. which should not be missed out if there is an opportunity to incorporate them during your bathroom renovations.

One must not forget that the main motive of bathroom renovations is to ease out the way of lifestyle and meet the current trends.

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