Economics is one of the major course that is opted by people for many years. It is always in high demand and required high utility in terms of opportunities. This field has an amazing career in terms of jobs and other prospects. If anything, with time it have increased with times in the terms of post-reforms. Also, the opportunities have increased as the privatisation, liberation and globalisation manifolds. It has managed the economics greatly. The graduates from best economics colleges in India are required in India and even far away in terms of the rapidly changing scenario.

Eligibility and Course

The main study of economics actually started in the school itself. Especially for the class 11th student, it is one of the major subjects. This also includes that after the school exams, it can be pursued on other levels as well. There are BA course and PhD that can be pursued with Economics keeping it as specialisation subject.

The top colleges for economics honours in India have the similar course criteria that will include, statistical economics, mathematical economics, international economics, public finance, monetary economics, economic policymaking, development economics, econometrics, etc. People have increased the total scenario with time in terms of career. The main area of specialisation is rural development, finance, business development, agriculture, international economics, econometrics, health, human resources and industrial law.

AT UG Level

  • BA ( Development Economics)
  • BA (Economics)
  • BA (Business Economics)
  • BA (Hons) (Economics)
  • (Hons) (Economics)
  • Sc (Economics)

AT PG Level

  • Sc. (Applied Economics)
  • Sc. (Mathematical Economics)
  • MA (Analytical & Applied Economics)
  • MA (Applied Economics)
  • MA (Business Economics)
  • MA (Corporation and Applied Economics)
  • MA (Econometrics)
  • MA (Economics)
  • MA (Indian Economics)
  • MA (Quantitative Economics)
  • MBA (Business Economics)
  • MBE(Master of Business Economics)

At M.Phil. and PhD Levels

  • Phil. (Applied Economics)
  • Phil. (Economics)
  • Phil.(Applied Econometrics)
  • PhD (Business Economics)
  • PhD (Economics)

Diploma Courses in Economics

  • Post Graduate Diploma (Econometrics)
  • Post Graduate Diploma (Applied Economics)

Career Prospects

There are so many fields in which economics graduate can have an amazing career. They have gained numerous fields in terms of private and public sectors in which graduate are making a new name. The main field that is covered in terms of government sector is Reserve bank of India, Economic Services, PSUs, etc. There are many bank related jobs as well for such individuals.

They have an amazing opportunity that allows them to have a successful career in some prestige company. On top of that, an individual has financial stability when it comes to these career options. These type of jobs have an amazing outlook in private jobs as well which will include KPOs, BPOs, MNCs, etc. Then, they can newspaper and business journal. Even after economics graduation, students opt for masters and then PhD programme as well to have a career in universities and colleges.

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