Diverse types of animals have been found in and around Egypt science time immemorial. However, while some of those animals are similar to the people of the modern world, a variety of species have over the years become extinct, or even have moved further down south, into the deeper parts of Africa. Artifacts found in reliable establishments like Sadigh Gallery underline how both wild animals like lions and hyenas, as well as domesticated species like dogs, cats and cattle, were found in abundance during the ancient times in Egypt.

The people belonging to ancient Egypt are ideally credited for being an extremely advanced civilization who essentially established a systematic irrigation system using the river Nile, built pyramids, as well as created intriguing Hieroglyphics.  The artifacts left behind from that time can be found in Sadigh Gallery and other such dealerships. Many of these artifacts from ancient Egypt record how animals were treated during those times. Various types of animals were extensively loved, feared or even worshiped in Egypt back then. The relationship between man and animals was even carried on after dead, to the underworld. Certain animals used to be mummified in ancient Egypt, including much loved family pets, as well as diverse species that were sacred to the gods. Items like detailed paintings, mummified remains,  age old sculptures, as well as animal-related hieroglyphs reflect the fact that animals were extremely loved by the people of ancient Egypt, and were highly important to them as well.

Here are a few types of animals that were extremely important to the people of ancient Egypt, as per the art and artifacts found in the popular Sadigh Gallery and similar establishments:

  • Cats: These felines have been extremely popular since a long time.  While cats are known to be one of the most popular types of pets today, they essentially were literally worshiped during the ancient times in Egypt.  In fact, it is often considered that it was the people of ancient Egypt who turned ferocious cats into the lovable and cuddly creatures we found today. As per certain prominent researchers, each and every cat living today has essentially descended from the felines that were bred in ancient Egyptians. Many of cats were ultimately immortalized in ancient Egypt as mummies.
  • Baboons: These incredible ground-dwelling monkeys were quite commonly found in ancient Egypt. These essentially lived quite close to the humans, and were quite often regarded to be auspicious and religious symbols.  However, as per certain reports, baboons typically were kept as pets as well.

There are several other types of animals that were regarded to be sacred in ancient Egypt, including hawks, falcons, as well as scarab beetles. There are a verity of animals found I ancient Egypt who even have become extinct due to  climate change, as well as growth of human population. In fact, there are only eight species remaining from among the 37 large-bodied mammal species found in ancient Egypt, as per certain reports.

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