Jeff Breault is the Vice President of Carey, Thomas, Hoover & Breault brokerage firm in Wichita in the USA. He is an avid fan of car racing and is passionate about cars. He loves to listen to country music and keep track of automotive racing events as well. He says that when it comes to car racing tournaments and events, drivers have to learn from their mistakes and rectify them to survive in the intense competition. He says that car racing is expensive and participants have to buy entry fees for tournaments. Sponsors look for the best talent, and so if you wish to make your mark in the field of car racing, you should practice hard and note down your weak points to make them strong.

Mistakes and how to rectify them

Every car racing professional needs to hone their skills while participating in tournaments says Jeffrey Breault It is obvious that as a professional driver, you will not win all the events you race in. However, experts in the field say you should note down the places where you make mistakes and work on them with the help of your coach. There are race tracks that conduct regular driver education events where esteemed racing professionals give you advice and recommendations on how to improve your techniques and racing skills. Experts in the field say that you need to work on technique, vision, and strategy. Of course, they do not come to you overnight. Practice makes you perfect. When you practice on race tracks, you should note down all your weak points. They should be shared with your coach, and both of you can work together to improve the grey areas of your car racing skills.

Racing teams – a great way for you to hone your racing skills

Another great way for you to work on your mistakes and emerge as a better car racer is to join racing teams. There are racing teams in every locality, and you can join them for regular practice and motivation. These teams also help you to learn new techniques and driving skills when it comes to circuit racing.  The onus of car racing tournaments is not to focus on speed. You should be focused on the car you drive. This helps you to work on your vision and look beyond the tracks when it comes to creating the right strategy to win the race. For instance, experts say that in the first few laps of the race, you should start slow and gradually pick up speed. In this way, you get the competitive edge in the race with success.

Jeff Breault says that in the field of car racing, you should be prepared to face rejection from sponsors if you are new. They will only agree to sponsor you if you have a winning track record. So, practice with sincerity and dedication. Before a tournament ensure you get sufficient rest, food and sleep. This helps you to remain focused on the race and with the right techniques win it too!

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