Technology – you can’t even begin to imagine your life without it. It is an ever-changing entity that compels society to update itself after every two to three months. If one pays close attention they will find that what is ‘latest’ today will fall out of favor tomorrow. It is one of the primary reasons why society produces so much electronic waste all over the world.

Ask any professional junk removal service provider and they will tell you that why e-waste has become a major concern for developing as well as developed nations alike. Consumer electronics are made using dangerous chemicals and metals. The most common metals used in manufacturing consumer electronics are:

  • Beryllium
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium and
  • Lead

All of these are deadly, to say the least, both for the environment and human life. With that being said, if the electronic waste is not disposed of properly, it can lead to environmental degradation and loss of life. The following sections will tell you about a few ways you can get rid of e-waste efficiently. Be sure to read them carefully for best results.

One can always give old technology back to their respective manufacturers

With growing environmental concerns all over the globe, consumer electronics manufacturing companies have started several initiatives like exchange policies for their customers. Here a manufacturer will take your old gadget and in return give you the latest model of the same.

On top of that, several companies have also set up drop off points in strategic locations so that people can drop their old gadgets like phones, tablets, and the likes. These old gadgets are then collected by certified recycling companies in order for them to be disposed of in proper ways.

It is best to give away your e-waste to a certified junk handler

A certified junk handler such as has the necessary equipment, contacts, abilities to get rid of e-waste in the most responsible and safe way. When you hire a professional junk handler to get rid of your e-waste, you are doing your part in keeping the environment safe.

Word to the wise, before you hand over your PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone to the junk handling organization, make sure that you have erased all your personal data from the device. It is the only way you can steer clear from being a victim of cybercrime.

You can always donate your electronics to the needy

You might have heard about the old saying, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Apply the same in your e-waste disposal practices for best results. In simple words, if the gadget you are about to get rid of is fully functional, you can always donate the same to the needy. A person who cannot afford a new Smartphone or a struggling writer looking for a replacement laptop could take your old gadget and make the best use of it. Think about it.

One should always keep this in mind that in a lot of developing nations, people often scavenge landfills for waste electronic goods. The reason you ask? Well, it is the gold inside electronics along with other precious metals like copper, iron and the likes. While doing so, they often come in contact with potentially harmful metals like lead as well. So, as a responsible member of the society, think of the long run and responsibly get rid of your e-waste.

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