We use a Linksys WiFi extender to extend the current router range and Linksys has been manufacturing wireless extenders from a while, and they have been doing pretty well. But when we buy a new wireless repeater (extender) we are curious to know the Linksys WiFi range extender setup process and for most of the part, it is not as though as you are thinking.

Still, there are two simple ways to setup a Linksys range extender and here we will be learning both the ways. Read on.

Tips prior to setting up Linksys range extender-

  • Since Linksys WiFi range extender is a plug and play device. We insist you do a reset process before you setup a Linksys signal booster (extender).
  • You have to set up your WiFi booster (extender) nearby the main router and later you can place it anywhere away from heat and dust.

Let’s find out how to configure and set up a Linksys range extender –

How to setup Linksys WiFi Booster (extender) –

For simple and easy Linksys extender setup, follow these steps –

  • Plug the Linksys range expander (extender) into a damaged-free power outlet and consider turning it on.
  • Now, go to your computer or a laptop and click on the wireless icon at taskbar. After that, search for available networks.
  • You have to look for Linksys extender setup open network. Once done, consider connecting with it.
  • Once it’s connected successfully, open a relevant web browser of your choice and it will automatically redirect you to the setup page of Linksys WiFi range extender.
  • So, if you don’t see the setup page, then it is recommended that you type the default IP address of your range extender or extender.linksys.com at the top of your browser.
  • Once you are setup page please we insist you follow the on-screen instruction and start the setup process with ease.
  • You can change your language as well and accept the terms and conditions. Once done, hit on next.
  • Now, in next step you might see a list of the available and active network. You have to select a network that you wish to extend. After that, type Linksys smart WiFi router password and hit on next.
  • Also, change the network name and password for the extender in next step. Do not keep them as default. Once done, click on next.
  • Moreover, you can also lock the WiFi extender setup using the admin password (passphrase) in the next step.
  • Click on next – save the settings and reboot your smart Linksys signal booster.
  • Once you have restarted your device, you can plug your range extender anywhere in the house. But don’t forget to place your device away from cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, metal appliances, electronic toys, treadmill, microwave, etc.

Ask us for extender.linksys.com support if you face any issue in setting up your wireless range extender. Simply dial 1-844-726-2255 (toll-free). We are the reliable solution partner of Linksys.

Good job! You have done the installation and setup of your Linksys range extender successfully.

Setup your Linksys range extender with an Ethernet cable –

  • First of all, connect the Linksys WiFi range extender to the PC or a laptop via Ethernet cable.
  • After that, plug the range extender into the power source and wait for the LED light on it to become stable.
  • Open an up-to-date web browser and enter the default IP address of your wireless router.
  • Enter default login details and click on Login.
  • After that, you have to click on wireless settings – set the radio button to manual – enter the network name (SSID) of your main router and enter the WEP or WPA key.
  • Once done with all the aforementioned steps, restart your Linksys device and the router as well. After a few minutes, the range extender will start functioning automatically.

Congrats! You have successfully set up and install your Linksys WiFi range extender. For more assistance, you are free to ask us support for extender.linksys.com and also if your smart WiFi setup not working.

We hope all this will help you to set up, install and configure your Linksys smart wireless range extender. We insist you please comment below and let us know if you need any other help to manually configure Linksys range extender – issues with Linksys smart WiFi login or can’t connect to Linksys extender.

Thank you for reading our full tutorial.

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