For small rooms, window air-conditioners are considered perfect for cooling. Available in different sizes and capacities, the units can be easily installed by measuring the size of the window. Additionally, you must also check the length of the cord to the socket for making a proper connection. The window air-conditioners can be simply installed in simple steps.  

Step 1: Find the Center of the Windows

Measure the width of the window to match it with the size of the air-conditioner. Now, mark the center with a pencil. This spot will make the installation process easy. Make sure that the side panels reach both the sides of the window evenly.

Step 2: Prepare the Window

If the weather strip is offered with the air-conditioner, install it now. These strips help in blocking the air that passes through tiny cracks. Additionally, it protects the window from any damage caused while installing or removing the air-conditioner.

Step 3: Attach the Side Panels

Slide the panels into the required place on window AC. Then, secure the panel with the window AC by using the screws provided with the air conditioner. Ensure all the screws are connected well and there is no gap. This prevents the allergen, pollution and warm air entering the home.

Step 4: Insert Your AC in the Window

It is better to take help of someone as it would be safe to support it from both the sides. Lift the AC and fit it in the window. Most of the weight of the unit will be outside the window.

Step 5: Attach Panels

Either add the window padding to both the sides of the window or extend the side panels to reach the window. Then, fix both the side panels to the window with the help of screws.

Once the installation is complete, switch on the AC and test the cooling. Within minutes, you will realize the change in temperature of the room. If the cooling is not, you can adjust the temperature accordingly and maintain the required cooling.

With different brands of air-conditioners, there can be some changes in the parts. These would require a different installation method which a user might not be familiar with. In such a situation, it is better to take help from the professional. They have knowledge of various brands of air-conditioners and their parts. An expert can install all types of air-conditioners without facing any problem. If you are looking for the AC Installation service in Ghaziabad or Ac installation Gurgaon, consider the professionals at Lifeasy. With their help, you can get the AC installed in no minutes. Moreover, they can also assist you for other services related to the air-conditioner.

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