The YouTube is the most popular site in recent times and this is the app that is available el in all the android and other devices as the inbuilt one. Over the millions of people has started watching the videos in the YouTube in the recent times. You can search for any kind of the video and the top trending one will be displayed at the top of the results. This is much helpful to you to choose the best video from it. This is the website that only allows the users to watch the video with the different clarities but does not allows them to download the videos from it.

In order to perform this kind of activity, the tubemate app is available in the play store. This is the app that helps both the android and IOS users to perform the downloading process. This is the application that also supports the computer devices having the operating system versions like Windows 8 and above.

What is the purpose of using the tubemate?

This is the application that is ready to be installed in all the android and the IOS devices.  The applications are user-friendly and therefore the people no need to worry about anything. This does not block the performance of the other application in the mobile or PC. This is the app that allows the users to download the videos from the YouTube website with any kind of the resolution.

The application is a user friendly app and the videos that are downloaded will be stored directly on the SD card. This is the application that required less space in the mobile. This is the app that is available in the third-party app store. The built-in video feature enables you to watch the lie videos and other streaming easily. Even if the internet connection is not available it is possible to watch the videos at any time by using this app.

What are the highlights of this app?

  • This is the app that is good to download the videos from the YouTube website or you can simply extract the audio from it.
  • The search engine inside this app works more efficiently and gives the top trending videos within a minute.
  • The application has the graphical user interface and therefore the users can navigate through the app easily.
  • The resolution of the videos is the most important thing and this can be set as per your device ability. This is the most convenient one as you can download as per the video resolution support.
  • The media player that is designed inside this app gives you the high definition one.
  • The download manager is the added advantage and therefore you can able to pause the downloading process at any time in the middle and make it continue.
  • The files can be downloaded at the same time and therefore you can pick more than twenty files to complete the process.

While using this app on the mobile it is possible to connect the mobile with the TV and therefore you can enjoy all the YouTube videos on the TV itself.

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