Finally, I have something interesting to reveal about my travel diaries in Jim Corbett. Budget constraints aside, I was searching for a holiday expedition in India that I could gift my husband. I chanced upon the amazing Jim Corbett as my top choice. How I planned the Jim Corbett trip left me excited and wiser, especially with the fantastic interactions we had with the team handling couples at Jim Corbett Hotels and Resorts.

Here are my key takeaways from the vacation with the Jim Corbett Hotels and Resorts.

Zero onto a Week package

I had planned a 3 day 4 night stay at Jim Corbett. The planners at Jim Corbett Hotels and Resorts recommended that I extend my stay to 5 days and 4 night stay instead, which would have cost me almost double than what I had planned! Well, the planners provided me with many options that I could choose within my budget. I realized that week-long packages at Jim Corbett Hotels and Resorts are always budget-friendly compared to a shorter stay. My trust in the planners reaped benefits. How?

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My Arrival Like a Celeb

My plan was to gift the vacation to my husband. The elaborate preparation made by the staff at Jim Corbett Hotels and Resort got me amazed. They organized a red carpet entry with exotic flower bouquet, a refreshing kitchen-made drink,and healthy fruit salad platter. That was not the end! A beautiful cake and a champagne bottle were waiting for us in our suite. Did I plan that? Not at all! That was the work of the wonderful staff at Jim Corbett Hotels and Resorts.

The Suite: Honeymoon 2.0

Taking a break from regular city life is always welcome. However, I was left with no energy when I left for Jim Corbett. The moment I entered my cottage, the mood changed. It was a romantic setting, with walls decorated in the most pleasing colors, paintings inspired by wildlife and bronze and cast iron statues and memorabilia lined up at the corners of the suite. The Mughal-styled chairs and desks added to the glamour of the room. Persian carpet made my feet feel special. The hubby, for obvious reasons, crashed into the bed following a hectic travel.

We had the most romantic out-of-home conversation.

Wildlife is Witness to our Love

Jim Corbett Hotels and Resorts organize jungle safaris and elephant rides from the closest forest range office. The days were spent searching for the big five of Jim Corbett – Tiger, Jungle Cat, Sambar, Bears, and Leopard.

I would never forget how the Jim Corbett trip rekindled my enthusiasm in life.

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