Have you recently become a mother or father and feeling insecure about the safety of your kid? This is obvious because kids are highly prone to bacterial and viral infections. Due to the lack of immunity against microbes and climatic conditions, face several diseases in the early stage of life. For strengthening the immunity, government authorities execute campaignings of injections and polio drops, still, kids require utmost care. For emergency response at home, you must prepare a health kit including all essential equipment. The health kit of children is something different from your first aid box. It contains accessories especially compatible according to the physique of kids. Here is a list that you can consider to add in the kit to stay ready for any situation.

Accessories to add in the health care kit of kids

  • Baby nail clipper and safety scissors

The nails of babies grow rapidly because they do not use them for any physical activity. Consequently, the risk of damaging own skin remains high. With eh sharp edges of nails, infants might damage their own skin especially face which further cause infection. A typical nail cutter that you use for adults is not suitable for kids because their fingers are too tiny and delicate. Baby nail clippers are available in the market individually or in kits. Also, buy a nail scissor that has safety measures to trim the sharp edges that sometimes remain behind after using a nail clipper.

  • Baby Thermometer

Find the best thermometer for toddlers that suit perfectly according to their age. The thermometers for adults are very delicate and not suitable for kids. For small kids, buy a digital thermometer for the most accurate reading. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using the thermometer. Rather than the mouth, these thermometers are more suitable to measure the temperature from armpits. It is suitable for small kids who cannot handle a thermometer in their mouth.

  • Medicine Dropper

After adding the most accurate baby thermometer in your kit, also find a medicine dropper. Generally, physicians prefer liquid medication for kids because they are easy to metabolize. Feeding with a spoon is the wrong way because you cannot measure the accurate quantity of medicine and also very difficult to feed. Find a medicine dropper with a soft tip that does not hurt the teeth.

  • Baby gas drops

Always store some baby gas drops for an emergency. Gastric problem is a very common problem among kids because their main source of food is mild. Milk cause gas in the abdomen area which is painful for kids. Consult with a physician before buying these drops and ask about the right dosage according to their age.

  • Antiseptic wipes

Add a pack of antiseptic wipes in your kid’s kit as supplementary. Avoid using harsh cloth because it causes rashes on the sensitive skin of kids. The antiseptic wipes are meant for maintaining proper hygiene.

These 5 accessories are essential to add whenever you prepare a kit for your toddler. Whether it is a thermometer or nail clipper, buy only if passing all safety standards for kids.

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