There are several myths going around about managed IT services in Orange County. Growing technological complexities and heightened cyber security risks have led to an increase in the utilization of MSPs. Several in-house IT teams are now realizing the significance of investing in and depending on MSPs that are capable of helping them to offload some tasks while reducing costs for their establishments. Nevertheless, some IT officers still remain wary of handing over the keys to somebody else.

This is not unconnected to certain myths about MSPS. One of the most common among such myths is that you do not save any money when you hire MSPs. Actually, you do save considerable sums as MSPs actually have economies of scale as a favour. They are certainly among the best IT investments you can ever make. This means that you can access multi-billion dollar infrastructures for only a tiny fraction of their actual cost. Part of the cost you pay covers;

  1. Accreditation: Every asset that belongs to government needs accreditation. That cost of setting the software up with the cloud or a data center and then going on to run through the process of accreditation could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and take above six months to be completed. Nevertheless, an MSP could be up and running with a full or interim authority to start operating within just one month. This is among the key reasons why several firms engage a managed services provider in Orange County.
  2. Training: The maintenance of the platform and cloud layers demands truly specialized training, and this will certainly cost a significant investment in finances as well as time. An appropriate MSP manages all of such layers, enabling the client’s in-house IT staff to concentrate on some other core competencies as well as the mission.
  3. Build time: A length of time that isn’t at all trivial is needed to architect, design, build, secure, as well as test virtually any enterprise-level IT solution. A reliable and experienced MSP has the necessary infrastructure as well as the devoted personnel to help in doing the designing and to continuously improve the solution they have designed.
  4. Staying up to date: Technology certainly advances quite rapidly, and the majority of on-premises clients pay for software as well as maintenance upgrades but they do not even install them. This most times ends in bugs that are unfixed, varying software versions being mismatched, and lots of money being wasted. To even make matters worse, as the solution continues to grow rapidly, the hardware could also end up needing to also be upgraded. These are all situations that can easily and conveniently be handled by quality MSPs. Your in-house team can hardly be capable of handling all these.


This is all you need to dispel the myth that says you do not get to save any money when you hire providers of managed IT services Orange County. There are several other myths. But this is the one that’s most recurrent. And as you must have seen from what you have read here, it’s just that … a myth.

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