A universal joint acts as connecting rod and is usually used in shafts that conduct either power or rotary motion and sometimes both. It is also known as Universal Coupling, U-joint, Cardan Joint, Spicer or Hardy Spicer Joint. In the universal joint, a set of hinges are closely located to each other and is associated with a cross shaft. Made up of steel or thermoplastic body membranes, Universal joints are used in aircraft, electronics, control mechanism, radio, instrumentation, sewing machine, medical and optical device, tool drives and textile machinery. Steel universal joints have extreme load-carrying ability while thermoplastic universal joints are used for the daunty industrial purpose. Apart from these two, some Universal joint manufacturers also supply specially constructed universal joints which are required for processing heavy duty torques.

What are the different benefits of using Universal Joints?

Popularly known as U-joint, a universal joint is used in both automotive industries as well as in another mechanism too. Let’s take a look at different benefits of universal joints:

  • Universal joints are malleable and easy to accumulate.
  • It enables smooth and highly efficient rotations between shafts.
  • U-joints are low-priced and are available in different styles.
  • It guards bearings by applying steady and low volatile forces.
  • It acts as electrical insulations as well as the mechanical fuse.
  • These are inexpensive in comparison to other joints or couplings and can be replaced easily.

Because of the above-mentioned benefits and easy availability of this product, Universal joint manufacturer keep a large stock of different types of U-joints and couplings.

Types of Universal Joints

Though there are various styles of universal joints including Hooke styled Ring and Trunnion style, Bendix-Weiss, which you can buy from reputed Universal joint manufacturer.

Check-out the list of different kinds of universal joints that are easily available:

  • Hooke Style: Designed by Robert Hooke, These universal joints are very popular and entail two rods that are coupled to the center by four pin attachments. The two rods are slim shaped at the exterior and quite thick from inside.
  • Ring and Trunnion Joint: Premeditated with the male and female rod at the both or each end of the cross mid-point, the cross mid-point of Ring and Trunnion joint is the circular shape and comes with four bulging points that thrust the holes on both male and female rods. There is a bushing, and a lock ring in the middle of the Ring and Trunnion joint that aids and upkeep the midpoint amidst the two rods. Ring. Trunnion joint is commonly found inside the vehicle.
  • Bendix-Weiss: Due to its unique design, Bendix-Weiss comes with four small metal balls. It is hollow from the center, and the two rods are twisted with a hook together so that all the four metal balls can be placed in each end socket. In the middle, there is a small fifth ball which aids in alleviating the device during the entire procedure.
  • Doughnut Joints: Because of its outsized characteristic, Doughnut joints are quite lithe in nature and acts as a soft cushion. This helps in enthralling the creation of torsional shocks that are formed during the procedure.
  • Moulton Joints: The design of Moulton’s joints are based on Hooke’s joints. Moulded rubber bushings are used conduction of drive amid the trunnion and yokes. One of the utmost advantages of the joint is that it is flexible, made up of synthetic rubber and does not entail lubricants.
  • Layrub Joint: This kind of joint is designed by the Laycock Company. It comprises some molded rubber blocks along with particular shaped cavities at the ends. The diameter of this joint is large and works without lubrication.

Besides these, Universal joint manufacturers can also deliver other joints like Spicer Universal Joint, Saginaw Style Joint, Cleveland Style and Double Cardan Universal Joint. If you want to get more information on universal joints, you can visit various websites where you can get complete details on the Universal joint manufacturers located in and around your city.

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