A total of 80 million posts are shared on Instagram on a daily basis where 400 million users has an account. This makes it a great platform for the advertisers. Instagram doesn’t even struggle with matters like privacy and usage of data. It is a social platform that boasts of the highly engaging audience and proclaims that the Instagram ads help to drive more awareness. Instagram offers several options that included carousel ads and photo ads, not to mention the ads that appear on Instagram stories and video ads. The latter two offers motion, sound, and sight which will further help to connect to the users. And, by now all of us are aware of the status that videos have. You can reach out to In Video for professional help and personalized Instagram videos.

It doesn’t matter the type of video that you choose or the size of the video if you remember some of the tips, we have to maximize the effectiveness of your Instagram videos.

The first few seconds of the Instagram video counts the most –

The users on Instagram will not wait for a video to catch their attention and scroll through it. That’s why brands have to be more effective with their approach. They need to create such Instagram videos that will compel the users to take a few moments and watch the video. But, you must remember that you can’t grab the attention of everyone and neither can you be too artistic with the use of slow openers. You have to create something that catches attention. Make sure there is enough movement in the first few seconds of tour video. It should happen without the sound. It the first few seconds of your Instagram video appears like image viewers will scroll up.

The addition of text –

The video on Instagram is on mute by default that is why brands need to catch the attention of their viewers by text or visuals. Grab the attention by writing something that is more than a few words in the caption. You have to create effects with your dynamic text. One must also highlight the main points of the text if you want your viewers to take a look at precisely what you are trying to say.

The interest of your target audience will be at its zenith if you write short captions rather than writing lengthy ones. Too much text will make the video appear cluttered and overwhelming for the reader.

The length of the Instagram video –

How long can an Instagram video be?  When creating Instagram videos, you must always try to address a problem and solve it within a matter of 30 to 60 seconds. Show the audience how your product or service can take care of the problem within this time. Once you are done identifying the problem that your target customers have, you need to create a video that will connect with them emotionally. It will keep them hooked to your videos on Instagram.

The focus of the Instagram video –

According to experts, your Instagram video must be focused on a single goal, theme, and topic for every ad. It is essential for brand awareness, increasing the sale, and educating the audience about the product or service. However, you must not incorporate all of it in one ad for it will be too much for your audience to handle. If you have way too many selling points, then it will appear to be a pitch. First, identify your audience and then create a video content that is tailored according to them.

The Instagram ad shouldn’t look like an ad –

The video ads you create for Instagram must not look like one. It ought to be able to blend in with great ease with the feed of the user. This will receive more reaction from your target audience. When you post a video ad on Instagram that has some value to the user, then they are bound to engage. You must try to create content that will sweep your audience of their feet. Make the most of drones for such impact.

The right dimension of the Instagram video –

It isn’t Facebook or YouTube, which means your viewer can’t watch the Instagram ads on the entire screen. However, this is different for Instagram stories. Use the format of 600*600 and scrap away the horizontal videos. It will draw the attention of the audience more.

Are you ready to incorporate all of these ideas to create better Instagram ads?

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