Several individuals now prefer to go out to watch movies in La Jolla. Certainly, it can be nice to remain at home, curl up on your couch with an excellent movie. Nevertheless, the popular belief is that the experience of watching a movie in a commercial theater can never be matched. Some individuals love complaining about the minor annoyances of theaters. If you stop to consider it, though, the benefits outweigh the negatives by far. This article brings 5 truly excellent reasons for going to the movies.

  1. You can never get such a massive screen at home

Through the years, we’ve witnessed the random multiplex auditorium featuring postage stamp-sized screens. The majority of theaters provide screens that are a lot better than that. There isn’t any HDTV flat screen anywhere that can be as large as even the smallest screen at the local theater. And even if you do find anyone that’s that big, you likely do not have the wall that’s large enough to accommodate it in your home.

  1. Volume isn’t an issue

Some home theaters feature excellent surround speaker systems. That’s quite great. Nevertheless, when they are played at a volume that’s necessary for aural qualities to be enjoyed, there are three things that certainly occur; first the noise scares any toddlers or small kids you have in the house, the images on the wall will be knocked askew, and your spouse will likely yell that you should turn it down. But at your locality’s cinema theater, such as the famous The LOT restaurant and theater, the volume gets cranked up loud and nice – how it was actually meant to be – and there’s no single thing anybody can do about that.

  1. The popcorn is a lot better

There are some truly excellent varieties of amazing microwave popcorn that you can get in the market. There is none among them that actually tastes as excellent as the kind of stuff you can get at the local movie theater. What about air poppers? Well, you should just forget about that one. At the theater in your area, you are certainly going to be getting bags upon bags of gold that’s edible…. mouth-watering, edible gold.

  1. You get to see previews

It’s true that ‘Blu-Rays’, as well as DVDs, all come bearing previews on them. But let us be sincere here; you know for sure that you always keep fast-forwarding over them, right? Well, that is exactly what everybody does. At the local theater, everybody is actually forced to really halt and appreciate all of the fun and exciting movie options of the near and distant future.


One should be cautious of the phenomenon known as 3D because not all movies need it. But when a ‘How to train your Pet’ or an Avatar comes along, the effect can actually be mind-blowing. Home 3D HDTVs can be truly costly, and only a few 3D movies are actually available for them for now. It won’t take you long to get through all of them.

These are the foremost reasons for going to movies in La Jolla!

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