As per yogic scripts, yoga is meant to attain a perfect balance between the mind, body and soul. It is well defined in the teachings of this ancient age old practice of yogic path leads to self-attainment with ultimate universal evolution.

But, with the evolution of time and modernization of yoga, the concentration is more on the physical aspects of yoga, forgetting the physiological facet. You rarely see emphasis on meditation and self-attainment. The spiritual elements from yoga is hardly to be seen anywhere.

It was more than 200 years ago, when the stage was set for yoga which very clearly emphasized more towards the spiritual elements and little on physical exercises. Pranayama, however, was considered a very important and along with Hatha yoga practice was such a synonym, that yoga was considered incomplete without them. Everybody then knew, that the practice of yoga is incomplete without the two. It was why, may be, people than live a life that was so much harmonious and had to attend less on the physical consciousness’s of yogic practices.

Uniting the two – Yoga Body and Yoga Spirit

We all are more concerned and worried about the emphasis of yoga on body consciousness. But, it is also true that amongst us, who seek spiritual nourishment, and it is not at all impossible to attain the perfect unity of their mind, body and soul.

With all the materialistic and worldly temptations, it might seem absolutely difficult to attain spiritual symphony along with physical balance. Yet, it can all start with self-analysis. We need to understand and answer our own self that –what role the basic needs and urges play in our life – food, sleep, sex and the efforts to define self. As we decide to move forward towards a broader horizon on the yogic journey, we need to regulate them in a manner that we will be able to experience all that we expect from our life.

Also, it has been observed that many yoga centers or yogic gurus of today asks to practice pranayama only after you have mastered all the other asanas. Following so, it must not be overlooked that it takes years of regular practice and dedication to attain perfection with all asanas, hence, holding it back for so long does not make sense.

Practicing both the yogic forms – posture and meditation simultaneously and monitoring them on a constant basis can be of great help.

In simple words, it is not at all impossible to look for yoga body and yoga spirit if the endeavors are sincere and blissful. The goal of yoga is to gain enlightenment and not physical or spiritual fitness. Not to attain a slim and fabulous figure but gain spiritual liberation. It is a spiritual practice that involves body postures, meditation and keen concentration.
It is true that physical postures are an integral part, but enlightenment can still be achieved without posture yoga and has been undisputedly proved through ages by greats like Anada Mai Ma, Ramana Maharishi and many more.

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