Many people are unaware of the benefits of buying loose tea leaves. Many of the people, especially in the younger generation, prefer buying teabags because they are ready-made, quicker, and convenient. While it is entirely okay to rely on teabags for attending the beverage craving, this blog is focused on addressing and sharing light on the uses of loose tea leaves.

There are several benefits of switching to high quality loose leaf tea. These are some uses that teabags cannot be able to provide people. We are going to discuss these compelling reasons further in this blog.

Firstly, loose leaf teas are known to be very good for the environment. When it comes to the teabags that are mass-made, the companies use thin and permeable papers that may not be good for the environment. Some of the tea bags that are produced in the market are also not biodegradable. It also contains harmful chemicals that can affect your overall health. Apart from these, the big tea factories contain huge packages of teabags that contribute to polluting our precious environment. Teabags are for one-time usage, and after disposing of them, the raw materials like plastic, carton, and paper end up in the landfills. If you continue buying teabags, you eventually are contributing to harming the Mother Nature. On the other hand, if you choose to go for loose leaf teas, you are going for an option that is environmentally friendly. Also, the money you spend on buying loose leaf tea ultimately goes to the producers, not to the wealthy businessmen of the western nations.

Some say that the little tea bags are very convenient as they contain and brew the teas. But, you can easily do that with loose leaf tea as well by purchasing a tea infuser. These are stainless steel filters are placed inside the teapot or mug with your choice of loose leaf tea. They help you get the desired flavour from the tea leaves by allowing an interaction between the leaves and water. They can be reused multiple times and definitely reduce your carbon footprint. You can use these when you want to make tea for yourself or a group of people together. It is definitely a better option than going for teabags that need disposing of after every use. Infusers do not come with the harmful chemicals that teabags contain without our knowledge. Epichlorohydrin is a compound seen in the paper used in tea bags. It is a chemical that is a commonly used pesticide, which becomes active after encountering hot water. Studies have found a correlation between this compound and problems with fertility and the immune system of the body. Besides, animals from the landfills have developed cancer because of these teabags. The white paper used in the teabags signals that they are chlorine bleached. If you want to go for a healthier option, loose tea is the right way to go.

These are good enough reasons for you to let go of the tea bags and switch to a much safer and healthier option, i.e. loose leaf teas.

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