2015’s Nepal earthquake incidence is really quite shaking and this incident has convinced Indians that houses cannot be secured without home insurance. Natural disasters always occur on a sudden note and thus in order to prevent their damaging effects it is always better to have this insurance.

This insurance will definitely neither fix nor prevent damages to your house but the financial expenses for home restoration can be definitely reduced or compensated to a great extent. Do not get into the storms of myths about house insurance otherwise you will not be able to choose the right home insurance policy.

Myth: 1: Acts-of-god are not covered by house-insurance:

You have to choose policy correctly by reading out the terms. There are many policies where damages due to natural-disasters especially heavy rains, storms, thunderstorms and others are covered nicely.

Myth: 2: Settlement of claims is full of complications:

Do you really think claim-settlement for any house insurance India is a tougher deed? Well, the answer is no. If you have read out the document properly then you will definitely get the fullest knowledge of filing your claims correctly on time.

It is your duty informing local insurance-office about the damages that have happened so that they can evaluate the loss for making out the compensation-amount. In this respect you can also take the help of your agent so that your claim can get cleared easily.

You also need to produce all necessary documents so that claims can be processed efficiently and smoothly. If you store policy-related documents electronically then you can produce the same instantly. The survey-reports need to be submitted for proper evaluation.

Myth: 3: Low-premium always indicates lower insurance-coverage:

This is quite a funny and popular myth about home insurance India but it is completely untrue. Premium-costs can be minimized by multiple means. Insurers often cater heavy discounts to those insurance-purchasers who houses are highly protected with security-alarms, fire-alerts and others.

Comparison of multiple quotes can enable you getting the lowest premium. Increased deductible can also make your premium reduced. In this case, damage-expenses in large part can be paid out from pocket. Add-ons can increase your premium-cost and thus you should not take them.

Terrorist-protection is not your cup of tea and thus by avoiding so you can get concession ion your premium-cost.

Myth: 4: You got to be the owner of your house:

It is not necessary for the insurance-purchaser to own the house on his name. Initially people used to think so but this is not the real scenario rather completely an unrealistic myth. Tenants can now also buy insurance for the protection of their home-contents. In fact, even after changing address or shifting home, the policy coverage can be still received. Houseowners can also take out insurance for their rented properties.

Myth: 5: Burglary damages shall not be covered:

All precious assets or items of your house like jeweleries, property documents, share or other investment papers and bonds, antique items, cars, semi-precious electronic and others can also be covered under proper insurance. But in that case you have to choose the right plan after reading out the disclaimer so that all your valuable possessions of house can stay protected against different damage especially burglary, theft and other invading actions.

If you are intending to apply for home insurance then you have to go online. You have to move to the official-sites of the most reputed insurance-company so that you can get multiple policies under one roof. From the options, you are free to choose the best and you should consider things to while buying home insurance plans. Know your necessities well and purchase the best home insurance plan which provides what you desire. All the Best.

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