As we know, Storz and Bickel are one of the leading names in the vaping industry. With just four vaporizers in their pocket – Volcano, Mighty, Crafty, and Plenty, they are leading the vaping world. Isn’t that hard to believe, that a manufacturer who has just four vaporizers in pocket dominating the vaporizer world? Well, that’s the magic of their products. Ever since the evolution of the brand since around the 2000’s they are leading the way. Sound impressive, isn’t it?

Let’s know more about the manufacturers by knowing about the vaporizers.

Volcano Vaporizer

For all those who are looking for a vaporizer which uses high-quality materials, easy to use, advanced, and produces efficient vapors, then Volcano vaporizer is sure to please you. Whether you choose the classic or the digit Volcano vaporizer, you are sure to get the best vaping experience.

The Volcano’s valve system and the balloon ensures that no vapor will be wasted and is stored up to 8 hours. The device is a combination of air filter, aluminum heat exchanger, and silencer, thus making it one of the most efficient vaporizer.

Plenty Vaporizer

The plenty vaporizer is a great pick for all those who usually enjoy vaping at home. It is one of the coolest desktop vaporizer providing excellent features. You are sure to get big clouds, and excellent flavor, thanks to the amazing hybrid heat. With the help of this vaporizer, you can easily enjoy a good vaping session with friends on weekends. Also, the device features automatic shut-off time, so, you don’t need to worry about plugging it off every time.

Flavor tops the list of Plenty’s features and the unique design is an add-on. Once you begin your session, you are sure to get excellent vapes and luxurious clouds. Plenty is made without the use of glass, thus making it extremely durable.

Crafty Vaporizer

The third leading vaporizer of Storz and Bickel is the Crafty vaporizer which is an ideal option for all those who are looking for top shelf quality for portable vaping sessions. The device produces excellent vapors, thanks to the large heat exchanger which produces full hot air convection. The convection heating combined with the conduction delivers accurate, stable and flavorful vapors.

Once the device is charged fully, you are going to get around 60-90 minutes of a good vaping session. The Crafty is pretty easy to use, you can change the temperature settings using an app which is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Mighty Vaporizer

All those who are looking for a first-class vapor quality, should not miss on the Mighty vaporizer. The device is extremely durable, comes with great battery life, and made with high-quality materials. Although the device won’t fit comfortably in your pocket, you can surely carry it around in a bag or purse.

Believe us, you will get an unrivaled vapor quality from the Mighty. Once the device is charged fully, you can use the vaporizer for around 90-120 minutes which is actually double the time of Crafty. Isn’t that great?

With still, four vaporizers on their side Storz and Bickel is still ruling the charts. No matter which vaporizer you choose, you will surely get the best vaping experience.

But, for all those who don’t know about the facts, Storz and Bickel are recently acquired by the Canopy Growth for worth a whopping $165 million. It’s a great catch by the Canopy to take over such a flourished business that too at such great price. What are your views?

What we think is Storz and Bickel is loved by all and is on top. We expect Canopy to bring the new Storz and Bickel vaporizers with more features and better customer quality. Rest the figures will tell!

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