Treadmill is a device which is used for aerobic workout. People can start their exercise routine through treadmill. People can use treadmill for walking or jogging. The device is easy to use and users can control various aspects like speed, warm up period, cool down period, etc. Another advantage is that the same equipment can be used by multiple users without changing the settings.

People have to keep many things in mind before buying a Best Treadmill for Home use. Some of them have been discussed here.


Budget is the first thing which the people must think about while buying a treadmill. The price range of a treadmill is between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 6 lacs. Sales discount are also available at many shops and online stores and people should look for them too. The price difference occurs due to brands which can be either national or international.

Life of a treadmill

People will have to think about the life of a treadmill. Since it is a costly device and is used regularly, so it should last longer. That’s the reason people should buy a best compact treadmill for home from a good brand. It is a well-known fact that the costly the device, the longer the life. But still budget must also be taken into consideration. A treadmill of Rs. 30,000 is best for those who only like to walk.

Motor and power of a treadmill

Motor is another thing that is to be taken into consideration. The best treadmills are the one whose horse power ranges between 1.5 HP to 2.5 HP. The buyer should also consider the warranty period which can be up to one year. The DC motor in a treadmill is quieter in comparison to AC motor.

Test before buying

Treadmills should be properly tested before buying.  Users should wear workout shoes and clothes and test the treadmill. If the test results into shaky and jerky ride, then it is not a good choice. The handrails should be supportive and grip should be good. The belt should also be wide enough to give space to do the exercise.

Workout Features

People should choose such a model in which workouts can be pre-set. The speed can be adjusted easily and the pulse monitor along with a water bottle space in a treadmill is also a good choice. Some models also come with video or audio players. Some of them can also be connected to internet. If the treadmill is not to be used regularly and only occasionally, then a short treadmill with an 18-inch belt and a medium size motor will be better for such people.

Treadmill size

Treadmill shall be installed at a place where listening music can be easy. The sound of the treadmill should not overcome the sound of the music. After folding, there should be enough space to keep it.

Manual and motorized treadmills

A manual machine costs Rs. 6,000 to 10,000 while a motorized one may cost Rs. 30,000 to 6 lacs. The manual ones are difficult to move and their incline cannot be changed after starting the exercise.

Number of people

If many people are using the same treadmill then cheaper one will not last long and one has to buy a treadmill of a moderate range.

We hope the above tips will be helpful for deciding to buy Treadmill for your home. Well, at Fitness Grit, you can find Best Treadmill to Buy for Home.

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