Polyvinyl-Chloride (PVC) pipe manufacturing business, you can start this on a medium or small-scale basis. PVC pipe Manufacturing is majorly used for the construction industry and irrigation; they are perfect channels for electrical conduction and are used for several industrial and household activities.

Generally, PVC pipe used in construction industry electrical and irrigation. It efficiently replaces metal in several applications, paper, and wood. Different diameters of PVC pipes have reached full acceptance for water supply. They are perfect for some reasons. Such as low cost, light-weight, easy installation, high tensile strength to withstand high fluid pressure, non-corrosiveness, etc. They offer resistance to most of the chemicals and have excellent heat insulation and electrical properties.

Pipes are made up of different materials like plastic, wood, cement, stainless steel and cast iron.Though, nowadays PVC pipes that are preferred because of the quality of the material. Thebenefits of using PVC pipes are:

  • These pipes are inflammable.
  • The PVC pipes are break-resistant and highly flexible.
  • PVC pipes can sustain high liquid pressure.
  • PVC pipes do not support the new growth of fungus, bacteria or algae, inside the tube.
  • The life span of good quality PVC pipes is about 100 years compared to other material.
  • PVC pipes are lightweight as compared to the cement and cast-iron pipes. They are easy to install and use it also involves a low cost of transportation.
  • PVC pipes are reliable and do not rust at any cost – they are unaffected even with water.

Business Registration & Licenses.

In starting PVC pipe manufacturing company, obtaining registrations and license are compulsory.The initial step is to get the business entity registered. You can register your company as a partnership, LLP, OPC or a Pvt Ltd company registration online. Registered your trademark authorized by the Controller General of Patent Designs and Trademark, under the Ministry of Commerce and it then allows the business owner to sue other parties if infringements occur. Register your business as an MSME, for that Udyog Aadhaar is required. There are lots of benefits for owning the Udyog Aadhaar. Starting from subsidies and schemes, it reduces the rate of interest, reimbursement for ISO certification, qualified for IPS subsidy, 50% for patent registration, the firm can get conflicts resolved faster, collateral-free loans from the bank and many more. Obtain No objection certification (NOC) from the State Pollution control board.

Obtaining Trade license from the Municipal authority. This is mandatory to be permitted by the local authority to regulate the trade and ensure compliance with government rules and regulations.

Also, apply for a factory license according to your state rules, the Chief Inspectorate of Factories designated for the new factory set-up issues this license. Before building the factory plot allotment letter or the official certificate is required from the Industry Department to start construction.

GST registration is required so that the charges can be received from the consumers and pass on the credit of the taxes; the market can claim the input tax credit, and there is still processing of input tax credit from vendors and suppliers.

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification is required for domestic manufacturers of PVC pipes, mainly related to household electrical goods, it is necessary to apply for BIS Certification.

Raw materials &Equipment.

The primary raw material required for making PVC pipe is DOP, PVC resin, processing acids, stabilizers, fillers, colours, and lubricants. Major utilities required are water and electricity.The following machinery is required:

  1. Nonshell type cap.50 kg. Per batch/hr. Filled with complete cooling and controls arrangement, High-speed Mixer.
  2. 65 mm/18 V PVC stiff pipe extrusion plant consisting of double screw extruder, void sizing unit, cooling container, haul off the unit and cutting device complete with motor and controls, etc.
  3. Dies size 20, 45, 75, 90, 110 mm and mandrel size 10 kg/cm2, 6 kg/cm2, 4 kg/cm2, 2.5 kg/cm2.
  4. Grinder, scraper, heavy duty implemented with Electric Motor.
  5. Recycling Pump units and overhead water tank.
  6. A type of industrial model with moderate accuracy, weighing balance.
  7. Maintenance of small hand tools, pipe storage, greasing, oiling equipment, racks, etc.
  8. Chemical examination laboratory equipment such as an oven, chemical balance, and equipment with apparatus for testing bulk density, testing equipment, precise gravity lead and tin estimation (in ppm), Lab. Equipment consisting of Hydraulic pressure (long term, short term) apparatus, capacity testing apparatus, Impact tests, compressive strength.

Market Potential.

The PVC pipes market is expanding at a steady rate due to massive government spending on infrastructure. The agricultural sector and the constructions sector are assumed to increase demand for PVC pipes in the future. PVC pipes are used for various purposes, e.g., spray irrigation, deep tube well schemes, land drainage schemes, water supply schemes.

Corrugated pipes and PVC slot are ideal systems for sewerage water from the land where waterlogging is inevitable. Because of the preferences to rural water suppliers, irrigation facilities in the national planning, rapid rural electrification, immense growth in the construction industry, the demand for rigid PVC pipe is continually growing. 60% of the entire market is for PVC pipe. With rising government infrastructure schemes, commercial and residential construction projects, agricultural and industrial projects, growth is assured in the PVC pipes industry.

Another good cause of growth is the potential market for the replacement of old pipes with the new PVC pipes. In India, the making of PVC pipes are the one that drives in the way amongst all the othersand is poised for vigorous growth in the coming years.


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