Well, is the default IP address used by every Linksys broadband routers and sometimes by home network gateway equipment or other brands of networking routers for Linksys Smart WiFi Router Login.

Most network administrators use this default IP address to update settings on an existing one or for new router setup. Similarly, this address can be used on business computers networks also.

Technically, a printer, laptop/ computer or another internet/ networking device can be set up using this address instead of router. But remember it isn’t a recommended network setup as it can lead to IP address conflicts easily.

Did you know the fact that belongs to the private IP address range for Linksys smart WiFi login that starts with and extends through Yes and it will be a lot useful for Linksys extender setup as well if someone wish to extend the internet range to far corners of the house and cover entire dead zones and poor connectivity areas.

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Connecting to a Linksys Smart WiFi Router Using

Folks! It isn’t essential to know your Linksys router’s default IP address. But, phones and other WiFi devices can find the router by its network name (SSID) whenever they are supposed to get online. On the other hand, knowing the IP address becomes essential when setting up a new Linksys router and troubleshooting a home network issue initially.

Moreover, if your WiFi router contains, then you can easily connect to it by opening an appropriate or applicable web browser and visiting This allows a user to log in to the router’s administrator console and access its configuration screen without any issue. But the procedure might fail for the following reasons:

  • The Linksys device has failed and is unresponsive to connections via internet browser.
  • The Linksys device is set up in order to use a different IP address.
  • The laptop/ computer and its browser failed or isn’t capable of joining the home network.

How to Determine Linksys Router’s IP address

In case your Linksys device isn’t set up to use, then it is recommended visit the official website, check the manufacturer’s documentations, or call our tech support team in order to find the correct IP address. Once found, try again after couple of minutes.

Interact with our technical department if your Smart WiFi Setup Not Working.

Troubleshoot an Unresponsive Router

Here, you have to keep in mind that network troubleshooting steps supposed to be followed in order to determine why a router installation and configuration process isn’t responding at Well, this annoying issue may lie with your Linksys device itself, with the client device, or with the connection between cabling or wireless interference issues caused by Bluetooth devices, electronic appliances or toys, metal walls or gadgets, etc.

On the other hand, if a router at is functioning properly or not. Also, verify whether your network setup is wrong or right. You don’t have to ignore these things because they cause connections to the Linksys device to malfunction in numerous ways.


  • Place your router and the modem within the reach of each other. Do not use older version of firmware neither on router nor on modem.
  • Use a well-maintained Ethernet cable to connect them properly with each other.
  • Choose the best location to place your devices. Higher shelf and middle of the house would be the best place to consider.
  • The internet browser you are using should be relevant and up-to-date and on the other hand, it shouldn’t be overloaded.
  • Use correct Linksys Smart WiFi Router Password.

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