Personal accident Health Insurance is an essential kind of health insurance plan that is often ignore. It has a number of benefits that is not offered by normal health Insurances and life insurances. However, it comes with some inclusions too.

Health Insurance will cover all kinds of medical treatment charges and hospitalization bills in case you need them. Life insurance will help your family if you are the sole earner and some kind of mishap takes your life. Life Insurance also covers total disability of the insurer. When a partial disability and minor injuries are caused by any mishap, you lose on a lot of time that you would have spent in earning. This recovery of money would not be covered a health insurance or life insurance. Here is where Health Insurance personal accident coverage comes to your rescue. Personal accident Health Insurance can be of a great help and offer a range of benefits. However this insurance also comes with some essential exclusions as well. Let us see some of the exclusions that a personal accident coverage makes.

  • If you have any kind of Pre existing medical conditions or disability that gives birth to new medical issues then you cannot claim insured amount.
  • Damages or harm caused due to war, invasion, civil war, self inflicted harm, arrest, seizure, confiscation, capture, arrest military activities, revolution, detainment etc.
  • Injury caused by participation in any kind of adventurous sports or life taking activities is also excluded from coverage.
  • If any kind of disability or harm is caused under the influence of alcohol or drugs then that is also excluded under the personal accident insurance.
  • Disability or injury caused to a professional engaging in any Naval, military or Air Force operations are not covered too.
  • Illnesses like HIV AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases of the kind are not included into the personal accident insurance policy.
  • Also injury caused by an attempt to suicide is exempted from a personal accident insurance policy.
  • Complications arising from pregnancy related issues such as child birth, abortion miscarriage etc. are not covered too.

There are some other conditions as well regarding personal accident insurance. Here are some of the terms and conditions that most of the insurance companies follow:

  • An insurance company will only pay the claim once for an incident. There cannot be payment for the same incident twice. For example if you have been into a car accident twice then you will get the assured amount for the first one only. If you have two personal accident policies then you can claim for the second accident from the other insurance policy.
  • Accident or injury caused due to a pre existing condition will not be covered under the policy. For example if a person is blind and meets with an accident causing him complete or partial disability furthermore, it will not be eligible for a claim.
  • There is no coverage for third party injury in a personal accident policy. For example if the insurer’s vehicle causes damage to a third party then the third party cannot be covered by the policy.
  • Harm caused to the insurers by negligence and deliberately are excluded from the coverage policy. For example if a person driving a vehicle without a driving licence and incapable of driving meets with an accident due to his/her fault, then the harm caused is not covered under the personal accident insurance policy. It is then considered as a self inflicted harm.

A personal accident insurance policy is a mandatory insurance coverage that can prove to be of great use in today’s lifestyle. You can be at peace knowing that any kind of accident that causes you harm can be treated without monetary constraint.

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