What is life without a little luxury in it? Well if you are designing your own apartment or home, then there is one room in the house that can actually become your luxury pad- the living room. From a classy and elegant decor to a quirky look- everything works well for a luxurious living room. All you have to do is get the right furniture pieces and other necessary decor items.

So if you are looking for a really great luxury living room design and ideas that will help you to make your own luxury pad, then here are some basics that you can always keep in mind:


  1. The first thing that you will have to do is get the furniture sorted. If you have to go for a sofa, go for a leather sofa since these will last long and are really comfortable, not to mention luxurious. These are quite expensive and might be a little heavy on the pocket, but if you want luxury you will have to be prepared to spend. If you want to avoid the traditional sofa in your living room and want to add elegance characteristic of the Middle Ages, then go for divans. These are really cool and will make your living room look just the way you want it.
  2. When designing you will have to keep in mind the wall colour. If you like a well lit living room then opt for colours which are pastel shade or light. If you like an earthy feel to your luxury pad, then you will have to opt for dark colours like dark brown or even blue with the appropriate wall decor. Make sure that you have the lights necessary for a dark room and there should also be a large window or balcony through which light can come into the room in the morning.
  3. When implementing your own luxury living room decorating ideas  you can try out some play of lights. Lights are important in creating the right mood for luxury. If you want you can keep candles but lighting them everyday might be a task. So you can also opt for standing lamps or even a grand chandelier if the living room is large enough. You just have to make sure that whatever light you choose it is in synch with the room decor.
  4. Why post pictures only on your Facebook wall? Frame a few pictures and hang them on the wall of your house in your living room. This will help in adding a homely touch to your living room decor which goes a long way in helping one to relax.
  5. Make sure that the floor is well carpeted throughout the year. If you want luxury then your feet should not touch the coarse feel of the ground and hence you will have to make sure that the floor in carpeted. Go for apartments that come with inbuilt carpeted floors.

So now that you have all the ideas that you need to spruce up your living room luxuriously, go ahead and try them out!


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