One who wants to move to any other nation than his own needs to have a visa from the guest country. It is a written approval to one’s application of visiting and staying on the land of the concerned country and hence a very important for any foreigner. For different types of visas, there are various categories, and one needs to check his eligibility before going for the concerned country so that he can have a valid visa for the same. The visa services which are provided by India helps to provide the visa for 43 countries. These services were started by the Indian Government to provide Visa to other countries as it helped the travelers not to visit any Indian Embassy for a visa. Many e-visa programs have been started for providing a visa to different countries.

The country started providing the e-visa to other countries by introducing the subcategories of visa for the tourist purpose, business purpose, and medical visits. Today, more than 160 countries are there who can opt for e-visa for tourist, e-visa for business and e-visa for medical visits at India. By depositing the online fee one can easily get a visa for India. The procedure of Australia permanent residency visa service online is very simple.

Benefits of permanent residency services in India

  • The e-visa for tourist allows the residents from different countries to visit India.
  • India only provides a double entry visa to the foreign residents as the visa can be used for a maximum of two times a year, i.e., the visa can be used between January and December.
  • The Australia permanent residency services in India can get only two e-visas per year that can be only used between the mentioned months.
  • The holders of the visa can stay in India for not more than two months.
  • The travelers need to carry the documents while visiting the country so that it’s easy for the travelers to travel the whole country without any hesitation.

Merits of choosing the best online services

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