Stiff legs are a common problem for almost every person. We all live a desk life or wear shoes that put pressure on our leg muscles.

Stiff muscles increase the chances of injuries, so it is wise that you want to indulge in exercises for stiff legs. But flexibility and relaxed muscle strength require consistent practice.

Here are 5 of the most effective exercises for stiff legs you can try anywhere.

  1. Warm up your legs

You need to start with a little warm of your legs. Stand up and run without moving your position. You can also sit on a chair and paddle with your legs in the air. This will reduce the stiffness in your legs developed after hours of sitting in front of a desk. Make sure you do it at a convenient pace. No need to put too much effort, as this is just a warm for the other exercises.

  1. Do quad stretch

This exercise is perfect to remove stiffness of the front thigh muscles. In order to perform quad stretch, you stand near a wall. Put one hand on the nearby wall for support. Use your other hand to hold your foot and lift towards your back. You can allow your knees to bend, but keep both the knees together during this motion. The whole exercise should stretch the muscles in the front thigh area. Do the same process holding the other leg as well.

  1. Do a calf and hamstring stretch

The upper back portion of your legs contains a set of muscles called hamstrings. These muscles are in between your knee and upper thigh. Your calf muscles are available in the lower back of your leg. You can work on both sets of muscles with one exercise.

To perform the exercise, you need to put one foot in the front by keeping your toes upward. Use both hands to hold your waist from each side, then, lean forward using your torso. You need to keep the leg in the front straight while bending the supporting knee gradually. Do the same with the other leg.

  1. Stretch your inner thighs

Inner thighs provide strength as well as a beautiful shape to your legs. To do this exercise, you need to hold a wide stance with your legs. Then, bend the right knees and keep moving downwards towards that knee. This will give a stretch to the inner left thigh muscles. Then, follow the same path to come in the original position. Do the same with the left knee. Keep breathing slowly and try to hold your position for a few seconds.

  1. End with supine stretch

This is one of the best exercises for stiff legs and takes not much effort. You can simply lie down facing the ceiling. Bend your knees and put both feet on the surface. Now, lift one leg towards your shoulder and hug the thighs with your hands. Then, slowly straighten your knees and allow your leg to go up. Keep a hold of thigh muscles with your hands all this time. After reaching the maximum position, you can twist your ankles.

You have the best stretches for stiff legs now!

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