Rising pollution and contaminants in water only make ground water to become unsafe. Hence, it has become important these days for people to install water purifiers in their home and offices. This is to provide safe and pure drinking water to the entire family and staffs.

Water purifier installation and maintenance

The water purifier selected needs to offer flawless performance. But buying the best branded product and installing it in the home does not necessarily mean that it will function in very good condition for a very long time. As a matter of fact, if the desire is to have safe, potable and pure drinking water from the water purifier for several years, then it is necessary to maintain it on a regular basis. It is only proper maintenance that can help to improve the purifier’s lifespan as well as enhance its overall functionality and performance.

Some useful tips to maintain the water purifier

  • Observe closely the purifier: There may emerge signs of malfunction or damage at some point of time. Be it UF, UV or RO type of water purifier, it is important to monitor the system. They are designed to provide alerts if any damage is experienced. Few come with displays to show the system’s condition and others display read-outs which changes color if there is need for filter replacement. Also, water quality should be checked properly from time to time to ensure it is safe and does not come with any odor. In case, water is found not to be clean, then chances are that the purifier has got damaged somehow.
  • Damaged and worn out part replacement: Monitoring the purifier closely can help to identify the worn out and damaged parts. Those parts are to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the entire system will get completely ineffective sooner or later. It will be equally important to follow manufacturer instructions during the replacement process and only use original parts for better functionality and longevity. Expert assistance can also be availed to replace damaged parts properly. It is only the certified experts who should carry out all types of RO repair and not by amateurs.
  • Allow water settlement first: One major reason for the water purifier to break down is dust that is left behind as residue as the water purifies. Instead of burdening the purifier with excess dirty water, it will be useful to keep the water in a pot or jug separately to allow the dirt to settle first. Then include it in the purifier. This way, the suspended Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) will sink to bottom, thereby allowing more clean water to be processed within the purifier.
  • Disinfect filers regularly used in purifier: Regularly disinfecting the filter using non-harmful disinfectant can help to eliminate microorganisms. Otherwise, they only increase within the purification system filter because of long term usage.

Therefore following the above tips and calling in the professionals for repairs can help to maintain the water purifier in good condition and use it for a long time.

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